At the Cross 4/10/20

“But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

Isaiah ministered some 700 years before the birth of Christ. Chapter 53 speaks of the future Messiah who would come at first, not as a king to rule, but as a suffering servant to redeem His people from their sins.

Our problem is expressed in Scripture. “Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.” (Hebrews 9:22) The sacrifice to be offered had to be perfect, without blemish or spot. None of us, none before us, could qualify. So, God’s plan unfolded; promised in history; fulfilled in history. Only the blood of a perfect sacrifice would meet the demands of God’s justice.

That perfect sacrifice was Jesus. At the cross Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. As the nails pierced His hands and feet, so was He pierced for our transgressions and our rebellion. He was crushed by the heavy weight of our sins. The sinless Son of God, bore the pain of our sins in our place.

The chastisement that brought us peace fell upon Him. The penalty for our sins was paid. The purchase of our salvation was complete. Because of what He suffered in our place, we have forgiveness of sins, peace with God, salvation.

By His wounds we are healed. Our dead spirits are given new life in Him. Our hearts and minds that were turned away from God now turn towards Him for our life, our love, our righteousness, our service. That’s why we seek those things which are above and no longer desire the things of this earth.

To the world, to the forces of darkness, this looked like the end. Christ was dead. Darkness covered the land; there was a great earthquake; and the veil of the temple was torn in half, from top to bottom. But in the darkness of that moment, in the darkness of the following day, there was a light getting ready to shine. And that light was the glory of God. Jesus was not yet through. There was one more foe to defeat, and the gates of hell would tremble. Amen.

Pastor Haney