Doing Right? 4/28/20

“We do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace.” (II Kings 7:9)

Let me set the context for this statement from Scripture. The king of Syria led his army to besiege the city of Samaria, which was the capital city of the Northern Kingdom. Because of the siege, there was a great famine inside the city. The famine was so bad that at least two of the women in the city were eating their children.

There were four lepers who were sitting at the gate of the city, trying to determine what they should do. They reasoned that if they went into the city, they would die because of the famine. If they stayed where they were outside the gate, they would also die. So, they decided to go to the Syrian camp. The Syrians might spare their lives and they would live, or the Syrians might kill them, but they were going to die anyway.

During the night, God had caused a great fear to come upon the Syrians, and they fled their camp. Leaving behind everything that was in the camp, they ran for their lives. When the lepers arrived at the camp, they found it deserted. As the lepers went from tent to tent, they found food, silver, gold, clothing. They had struck it rich. While the people in the city were starving, they were feasting on the food the Syrians had left behind.

The lepers said to one another, “We do not well: this is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace.” So, they went back to the city and brought the good news to the starving people.

Our world, our country, our community are full of people who are starving spiritually. There are people living in fear. There are people with no purpose or direction in their lives. But this is a day of good tidings, a day of good news, because we have the living bread, the water of eternal life, the God of all comfort and peace. We do not well if we hold our peace, if we are silent while so many are perishing. As the lepers went back to the starving people with the good news, we too must go out to the lost and starving people of our day with the good news of Jesus Christ. “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” Amen.

Pastor Mike

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