Embrace Brasil - Feb 2021

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Sun, Feb 28, 6:36 PM


 Warm regards to all! We pray you are weathering the storm and feeling God's loving protection in these uncertain times. God is so so good and His love endures forever!

We are so thankful to say that we continue to see God's grace and mercy being revealed to people in our community. Cristiano, the 16 year old we met while building his home, received an unexpected visit from his 17 year old cousin. He invited him to church. Emerson, the cousin rejected his offer a couple of times, assured that no one at church would accept him, crazy wild colorful hair, tattoos, and earrings. He finally accepted the invitation and has only missed once since his first time. He accepted Christ as his Savior in January. His desire to learn and eagerness to obey is so refreshing and motivating. Thank you all for making it possible to live here with these people and be so blessed to share God's goodness with them. The more we get to know Emerson, the more we see how great God is and how His grace is changing Emerson's life. He continues to be amazed at how much God can love him.


The kids have started a new school year, summer break is over, but schools are still closed so the kids are studying from home. We will begin this week offering tutoring help. Saturday projects are averaging 15 kids and teens each week. Most of them are faithful to attend Wednesday and Sunday services as well. We enjoyed a special all day event with the kids this Saturday at Imbuial, the rural community where Pastor Carlinhos leads the other church, and we focused on John 17:21; being one as Jesus and God are one so that the world will know Him!!


The women's workout group is growing back in number slowly. Many women are still afraid to participate due to the virus. Manaus, a state farther north of us, continues to see an exaggerated number of deaths due to the virus. Many pastors and family members have died due to the virus.


We are grateful for your giving and support. We are making improvements to the church and church grounds. We installed soccer goals this month and more outside lighting.


Our young adult group is still not growing in numbers but we are seeing some courageous disciples emerge. Each week a different person shares his or her testimony. We are planning to begin service projects with this group as well.


Marlon is 18 years old. He graduated this year and is going to seminary. He met Pastor Carlinhos in his community in Imbuial a few years ago. He was led to Jesus as a 14 year old. He has since grown in love with his Savior. He is an excellent example of living all out for Jesus. Pray for him in this new chapter as he ventures off to the capital city alone to pursue his calling.


Attached you will find pictures of the project, young adult time, and a few salvations. Praise God for His goodness!!


Vitor and Amanda Freitas


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