Embrace Brasil - Oct 2019

October Update

October has come and gone, seems to have gone so quickly! We trust you are all doing well and running toward the prize for which He has called each of us!! We are happy to say things have warmed up here. The weather is beautiful most days! 

God has blessed us this month!! We are excited to see Him moving amongst the families in our community. We have discussed several new ideas with Pastor Joas with the goal of reaching out to more and more people in the neighborhood and community. We are planning to meet weekly to pray over these ideas and diligently seek God's guidance.

Jaison's (one of the kids involved) mom came while we were tutoring some kids at the church and shared their need for food early this  month. She said they had nothing and would only receive money on the 30th. We bought some groceries and visited them for a little that evening. We are grateful to be able to bless them and pray they see Jesus and run to Him as a result. We'd noticed this need amongst many of our kids and now have been praying about and researching the numbers and details of offering small grocery baskets each month to the families involved with the project and church. I will send a separate email explaining our plan to help these families. Please prayerfully consider how you may want to be part of this loving outreach.

Remember Rafael lost his older brother 1 and 1/2 year ago. Rafael's mom, Zilda, eagerly accepted my offer to set a time to visit weekly. We will meet every Tuesday. I am hopeful to help her open her heart and allow her deep hurt to begin to heal as she gets to know our loving Savior! I appreciate your prayers for our time together. Zilda voiced that she wants to go to church with Rafael each Sunday. Pray for commitment, the enemy will attack. This week, Zilda, also shared that her granddaughter, whom she raises since the death of her son, was suddenly taken away by the girl's mom and they've not yet heard from her. She is worried and has no way to communicate with her. Rafael and another boy from the project and their families are neighbors and are having lots of arguments and things are getting worse. Zilda asked the church for help to solve it. We are thankful she is seeing the light of Jesus! We ask your special intense prayer because the enemy is hard at work as he fears defeat in losing these precious people. Our Savior will claim them victoriously!!

Each day of workout new women are coming! There have been a total of 26 women participate. As they live such defeated lives with no confidence nor commitment, this raises quiet a barrier. We are excited to see commitment from several and are thankful to see God working through this ministry. Margarette, one of the women has opened up and shared so much of her life and struggles with me. She voices that she feels great when we are together. She didn't yet understand, she wasn't feeling great because of me-but  Jesus!! I had the opportunity on Thursday to talk with her about eternity and the peace of having assurance of where I will spend eternity. She listened and processed but no personal interest. Her daughter and one other lady's (from workout class) daughter attended the project on Saturday and can't wait to go again!! Margarette went to church with us last night!! After the service she asked to talk some more. She unloaded more conflicts and shared how many people in her life had told her she was useless. I asked her what she thinks God thinks of her when he looks at her, if she thinks God sees her as useless. She hesitated and thought then said, probably. I explained to her that He loves her so much He gave Himself to die in her place. She broke down. After more explaining... she confessed Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!!  God is so good!! His love is a beautiful thing!! Thank You, Lord, for Your grace and mercy giving Margarette life and a new start!! We will meet weekly! Please pray God uses me to speak to her, to heal her, grow her, and disciple her!

We have had a few new kids participate in the project and 3 boys (Jaison, Hugo, and Matheus) that live very close to the church have been faithful this month in attending and learning!! God is moving and we thank Him! We continue to take the kids to the park for our games and activities as we wait for the seeds to become a beautiful carpet of grass on our field at church. Going to the park has offered numerous opportunities to share Jesus with people and invite kids. Pray for wisdom as we seek to reach new kids and families.

We plan to begin practicing for a small Christmas play. It is very uncommon here to celebrate Christmas at all, even in the churches. We talked with the pastor and told him it's impossible not to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Our play intends to include kids, teens, and adults from the church. We pray the reason to celebrate will be understood and felt by all involved!!

Thank you for being such faithful and compassionate prayer warriors!! Join us as we pray for guidance in the church leadership. Pray with us for Zilda to see Jesus and all the blurry confusing misconceptions of religion would fade away as she realizes it's all about Jesus! Pray that more women from the workout group will begin attending church and will believe that Jesus is what's missing and He can give the confidence and purpose!

Pray the kids attending the project will be taken deeper by the Holy Spirit and receive an invitation to know Him personally!

Pray for divine intervention for Zilda and her family as I meet with her each Tuesday. She needs Jesus in a big way!! I am so happy and thankful for the chance to sit and listen and walk with her through this trial in hope that she sees and embraces Jesus!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let our lives be a thanksgiving to God each day!!

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